Verdin U-Boot USB_1 Port not available


when running bootcmd_usb0 on Verdin iMX8MM on either custom or dev board i get the following message (same when executing ‘usb start’)
Bus usb@32e40000: Port not available.
Bus usb@32e50000: USB EHCI 1.00

Thus only USB_2 is available, and USB_1 is started.
Unfortunately on the custom board USB_1 is used to connect USB stick.
(which works fine in Linux)

How can USB_1 made available for U-Boot?

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Whicjh version of the SOM and carrier you are using?

Best Regards,

Matthias Gohlke

i tested Verdin iMMX8MM SOM

  • V1.0B with u-boot 2020.04-5.1.0 (BSP 5.2.0)
  • V1.1A with u-boot 2020.04-5.2.0 (BSP 5.3.0)
    on Verdin Development Board V1.0B and custom carrier board.
    All combinations show same problem Bus usb@32e40000: Port not available


can you share how you did it. lke you commands etc.

Did you start USB


to reproduce the problem:

  • connect serial terminal,
  • powerup board,
  • stop autoboot by hitting any key,
  • enter ‘usb start’


Hello CarstenSp,

first you are using an old version so call first generation Verdin carrier board which was an early developer sample. You should use the VDB V1.1A quite some things have changed.

But back to you issue: The USB1 is intended to be use as console.
Are you using is as a console port ? Where are coming you logs from?
Did you read the manual section 3.6?

You have to set the jumper according to which role you want usb1 to be.

Best Regards,

Matthias Gohlke

Hello Matthias,

i only have the dev board V1.0B and the custom board available.

The logs are taken using the serial console (available through FTDI converter on X66)

Setting JP24 as mentioned on 3.6 in the manual has no effect on the u-boot behaviour.
Also using an USB-OTG adaptor has no effect. Both are pulling SODIMM pin 161 to GND,
but u-boot is still telling ‘Port not available’.
I think there must be a setting for this in the u-boot config, but i didn’t find it yet.
CONFIG_USB_DEVICE and CONFIG_USB_TTY seems not to be set.
Might CONFIG_USB_GADGET be the problem?


meanwhile i built with CONFIG_USB_GADGET not set,
but the problem keeps.

Hello Carsten,

it looks like that usb-host in u-boot on usbotg1 (32e40000) is not possible.
But R&D need to check they been not be 100 % sure.

Best Matthias