Verdin Torizon Qt Support

I am trying to evaluate Qt for Device Creation with our Verdin module and I am running into some roadblocks. I have been reviewing as much documentation as I can find, but I still have some open questions that I could use some help with:

  1. Does Toradex plan to release a QBSP for the Verdin family of modules? I’ve been using the workflow that imports a Qt project into Visual Code, will this be the recommended workflow?

  2. I am using Visual Code with containers to run an example with the Qt virtualkeyboard using the Wayland Qt5 Debian container on Torizon, but the keyboard is not showing up. I have gotten the application to run, but I get the following warning/error at runtime:

    qt.qpa.wayland: qtvirtualkeyboard currently is not supported at client-side, use QT_IM_MODULE=qtvirtualkeyboard at compositor-side.

I have the project configured to install qml-module-qtquick-virtualkeyboard. The error seems to indicate I need to change the configuration of the Wayland compositor, but I’m lost on how to achieve this. I’d appreciate any guidance here. Do I need to build my own Debian container to get the keyboard to work?

  1. All the Qt examples I’ve been running, show up as a window on the screen. What I will eventually need for our application is to have the Qt application run in a kiosk-like mode. My understanding is that this is not possible with a compositor, is that correct? How can I run a Qt application in a kiosk mode on the Verdin with Torizon?

Greetings @NickWhitelonis,

  1. I’ll need to get back to you on the plan for Verdin and QBSP. But as of right now yes the method of importing a Qt project in VSCode is the recommended development method
  2. I’m unfamiliar with Qt virtual Keyboard but it seems you need to set QT_IM_MODULE at runtime for your application as described here:
  3. I don’t believe this is correct. On our non-torizon reference images we run the Qt Cinematic Demo at full-screen on a Wayland/Weston stack. I’m not a Qt expert however so I can’t say for sure how to achieve this. Perhaps looking at the source code for the Cinematic Demo may help you:

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Thanks for the feedback and pointing me to the Cinematic Demo. I was indeed given bad information and the Weston compositor allows for a kiosk-mode. The only change to the Qt application was to use view.showFullScreen() instead of

For the Qt Virtual Keyboard issue, the application does set QT_IM_MODULE and I have tried following the deployment guide without any success. I will reach out to Qt support to see if they can provide any insight.

Glad you were able to get the kiosk-mode working.

By the way with regards to QBSP on Verdin. I checked in and as of right now there is no plans to create/support a QBSP for the Verdin modules. However this may change as we discuss further with Qt internally.

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