Verdin iMX8Mplus LVDS + Display Port

I’m in the concept phase for a portable RF instrument and looking for possible SOM solutions.
Because of the low quantity, we want to avoid HDMI licensing.

We need an internal display with LVDS - when I understand the design guide correctly, it can be derived from the MIPI DSI bus.
But we want to support an external Display Port interface (no [embedded] eDP)?
Can I attach a DP to the HDMI interface or do I need a bridge at the DSI? Do you have an example schematic?
The target is to support internal LVDS display and external DisplayPort simultaneously - or at least alternatively (if the customer plugs in).

thanks :slight_smile:

The Verdin iMX8m plus has a native LVDS interface and HDMI interface (which is electrically compatible with the DVI standard). You can also use a bridge to concert MIPI DSI to HDMI (DP) or LVDS.

The i.MX 8M Plus SoC features a total of three display controllers s called LCDIF. One LCDIF drives
the MIPI DSI interface, one the HDMI, and one the LVDS interface. As long as no more than two
instances are in use simultaneously, up to 1080p60 is supported. With all three instances in use, it
is possible to run one instance with 1080p60 and two instances with 720p60.

Using a MIPI DSI to LVDS or HDMI(DVI) converter will make your carrier board partially compatible with Verdin iMX8M mini which has a MIPI DSI only.

Hi Alex,
sorry, I overlooked the reserved LVDS - my fault. Good news :slight_smile: !

The Verdin iMX8m plus has a native LVDS interface and HDMI interface (which is electrically compatible with the DVI standard)

Did you mean “…compatible with DisplayPort standard”?
Maybe a short note to DisplayPort in the guideline may help

Display Port is more advanced standard and it requires an active adapter to convert HDMI(or DVI) to DP.

Thanks Alex,
I found some chips from Toshiba (TC358867XBG) which should provide the solution.

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Hi dl2mkx,

so the chip you are mentioning is a seems to be a MIPI DSI to DP chip.
If you are designing your own carrier board you can get back to us for a design review before manufacturing.

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Yes, I’m planning our own carrier board.
How does a design review work from your side? Can you send me a PN?

Hello dl2mkx,

in our web-shop you can buy support hours. Online webshop for Embedded Systems - Toradex Once payed the design review starts.
We would first do a video call and talk about the design and then we check the schematic and after the schematic is solid also your PCB layout. The amount of support our you have to pay depends on the complexity of your design. its usually around 8 hours.

But anyway we can setup a free 30 min call to teach you about the carrier design guides and give you some tips and tricks.

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