Verdin IMX8MP wake A53 core from M7


It is possible to wake suspended A53 cores with linux from running M7 core?
Does exists some examples?

I have problem with suspended A53 - M7 core stucks too. Only freeze state in linux keeps M7 running.


Hi @msv_zitnik!

Sorry for the delay.

The MCUXpresso has a demo that might help you: the low_power_wakeword. Please follow the article Setting Up MCUXpresso SDK and Toolchain for Cortex-M development | Toradex Developer Center to download it.

Be aware that the projects contained in the MCUXpresso are designed for NXP’s evaluation kits. So to run the projects you might need to adapt them.

If you need further help, we can recommend some of Toradex’s partners to assist you in your project. Let’s know :slight_smile:

Best regards,