Verdin IMX8MP USB Overcurrent pin

I am looking to configure the USB over-current pin on the Verdin 8MP and cannot find all of the information I need.

I have already found that I need to re-declare the pin under the iomux node as IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_USB1_OC (default is GPIO).

But I cannot for the life of me find the pad configuration argument that must accompany this.

The article on the Toradex documentation pages states:

The meaning of these bits depends on the pin and has to be looked up for every pin in the Reference Manual. Thus we can not give a table here.

and I have searched the reference manual without success. (This is not helped by the fact NXP effectively labels a variety of things “Reference manual”, e.g. "Linux reference manual’ “Applications Reference manual” etc etc and does not label the PDFs according to SoC family).

Could you clarify which manual this information can be found in or provide a direct link/source? So far the bits I have found direct me to the devicetree documentation in the kernel sources, which again directs me back to this magical and ambiguous “Reference manual”.


The Verdin iMX8MO X1 pin N 157 ( GPIO1_IO13) by default set as a USB overcurrent pin. As about reference manual mux bit defined in related Processor Reference Manual , In this case its a i.MX 8M Plus Applications Processor Reference Manual

Unfortunately, not according to the DTSI files checked out by torizoncore-builder dt checkout:

Depends on branch imx8mp-verdin.dtsi « freescale « dts « boot « arm64 « arch - linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis, Colibri and Verdin modules