Verdin IMX8MP Power Consumption Clarifications


I’m looking to get clarity on some power consumption numbers. I am seeing different values in different specifications and different values on measured carrier boards as well. I hope you can clarify. and show me what I might be missing.

The verdin_imx8mp_datasheet version V1.1 states the power dissipation is ~1.5W-6.3W in Section 1.5.8, Table 8

The Family Specifications document version 1.4 states that the Verdin form factor is specified for a maximum sustained power consumption of 8.25W and peak power of 12.5W for the SoMs. The peak power is nearly twice that of what the Verdin datasheet indicates is the maximum.

A third reference provides some preliminary values and estimates on the Verdin power consumption in the support forum. I don’t expect these values to be exact, but they seem to imply that the Idle and Max Power are likely closer to that of the datasheet, than that of the Family Spec Doc.

Lastly, when I measured the power of a two SoMs on Dahlia carrier boards, one measures close to 4.4W, and another measures closer to 6W.

Could you clarify three things:
(1) What is the maximum power of the iMX8M?
(2) What is the typical idle power of the iMX8M?
(3) What is typical dynamic range of the imX8M? i.e. is it normally hanging out around ~3W, and peaks to 6.3W, or if it’s not doing anything, and not idling, is the power consumption closer to ~5W with a smaller dynamic range to 6.3W

These questions are stemming from a desire to estimate the power budget for a battery powered application.


The power dissipation figures listed in the Verdin iMX8M Plus datasheet represent the range of power consumption for Verdin modules based on the iMX8M Plus SOC. In contrast, the Verdin Family Specifications document details sustained and peak power consumption for any Verdin module using different SOCs (such as iMX95 or any potential future ones). Given that Verdin modules are pin-compatible, you might need to consider the possibility of using more power-intensive Verdin modules in the future with your current carrier board. This is the reason the peak power consumption mentioned in the Verdin Family Specifications document is nearly twice as high as the maximum indicated in the Verdin iMX8M Plus datasheet.

You can find the power consumption for the Verdin iMX8M Mini here and for the Verdin iMX8M Plus here.

The dynamic behavior of power consumption largely depends on the software you run on the module. Generally, ‘if it’s not doing anything’ refers to the module idling. Please check this document for some details.