Verdin iMX8MM XDG_SURFACE Buffer error

Hello guys,

I’m trying to run my QT Application on the Toradex Verdin Development board and when I run


I get this error message:

xdg_wm_base@18: error 4: xdg_surface buffer (720 x 1280) is larger than the configured fullscreen state (1024 x 768)
The Wayland connection experienced a fatal error: Protocol error

Is there any way to change the fullscreen state from 1024x768 to 720x1280?

Thanks a lot,

Greetings, @rubencz !

Your issue seems to be related to this question, can you please check if your weston.ini is configured correctly? Also, can you please check if your qt application is configured correctly?

For further information about weston.ini configuration, please take a look on the Fixed Display Resolution section on this article.

Best regards,
Felipe Madureira