Verdin IMX8MM with openwrt

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I have been struggling about getting the board up and running with the tutorials provided by the Toradex docs - but finally managed to install reference image to I.MX8M Mini SOM in Dahila carrier board. Now, my next step is to figure out how can I make the openwrt work with this SOM. I have seen the support for Apalis one, but that does not help me much at the moment of my learning.
Is it too much of asking if I ask for the pointer to getting the Openwrt work with this module? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @agapios.valo ,

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Could you share more information about, what you’re trying to achieve in your project?

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Hi @kevin.tx , thanks a lot for the response. I am planning to create something like this (support for Toradex Apalis) So, basically my goal is to migrate my applications which were working in Raspberry Pi compute module with Openwrt as the OS to the new board as an alternative option (because of the current supply situation). I hope I answered your question.

Hi @agapios.valo !

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately, Toradex has no more information about OpenWRT support.

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OpenWRT is a flavor of Linux. Though it’s possible to port an OpenWRT to one of Toradex modules it should be much simpler to port your app to Yocto Linux or Debian.

Our current situation is we are looking for alternatives for the raspberry compute module - due to the shortage of the components. As we completed the end-to-end solutions for our use case using Raspberry Pi, I think it might be far easier to figure out porting to OpenWRT (that way, at least we will have two future options). On the other hand, I am also aiming to get contribution from the community (don’t know if my post is visible to everyone) if anyone has already solved this problem. Thank you @alex.tx and @henrique.tx for your contribution :slight_smile: