Verdin IMX8MM - Possible interference from DC/DC converters


we are in the process of designing a carrier board, here the question arises if two DC/DC converters near the modul causing some possible interference maybe?

The used DC/DC Converters on the left are:

  • 1x MPRB2403ZP-6W
  • 1x MPWF1205S-3W

Bg, Markus

Hello Markus,

please make sure to follow our carrier layout design guide.
If done properly it should not be an issue.

Best Regards,

Matthias Gohlke

Hey Matthias,

found a very good video about this topic, was very helpfully :slight_smile:

hello DrWenz,

its important to check our carrier design guide and our PCB layout design guide.
please also check our video webinars on carrier design.
If you have more question we can set up a 30 min zoom call.
Also if you are ready with your design you can book a carrier schematic review.

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