Verdin iMX8M Plus does not detect 128GB microSD

I am trying to flash OS from Easy Installer using SD Card.

With SDHC 32GB (FAT32 format) card, Easy Installer successfully installs the image.
However, with SDXC 128GB (exFAT format) card, Easy Installer shows a mounting error:

Please advise.

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Greetings @ducnn,

I believe exFAT format isn’t supported by Easy Installer. Could you try reformatting the 128GB SD card to something else like FAT32 and see if that works.

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Hi @jeremias.tx ,
Is there any plan that Easy Installer will support exFAT ?

Just to confirm did re-formatting your SD card allow it to be detected/mounted?

Is there any plan that Easy Installer will support exFAT ?

As of this moment I don’t see any immediate plans from us to support this. Would this be a big blocker for you? Also these 128GB SD cards you are using, do they come formatted as exFAT by default?

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Yes, the reformatting SD to FAT32 does work.

It is not a big blocker as we can reformat it. Just more processes to do.

Yes, these SD cards are formatted as exFAT by default.

Thank you.

Glad we were able to help clear things up. Apologies for the minor inconvenience. We’ll see if we can improve on this in the future if possible.

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Hello @ducnn,

We added support for exFAT on the Tezi images, which is already available on the nightlies. You can download the latest nightlies here: Download Toradex Easy Installer | Toradex Developer Center
Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.