Verdin imx8m mini record and playback is not playing audio

I have a verdin imx8m mini on a dahlia carrier board. I am trying to record and play audio following the toradex tutorial and connected a headphone to the 3.5mm jack. I have wm8904 audio codec and on cat/proc/asound/cards I am getting correct output of imx8mm-wm8904 and speaker-test works fine. But when I record the mic.wav and aplay mic.wav no audio plays. PS- I have set the amixer leftcapture, rightcapture and set capture 31 still no audio…
Following the wm8904 instructions from here

Hi @Vinayak ,

Please confirm the OS that you are using, you mentioned Torizon as your OS and shared the article for Linux.
The similar topic is solved here.