Verdin imx8m-mini parallel camera/lcd interface


I want to interface parallel camera and parallel lcd with imx8 using gpio pins. But using libgpiod the frequency of gpio is very low(approx. 300KHz). Camera or lcd requires atleast 30MHz on gpio pins. As imx8mmini comes with dsi which is serial interface also imx8x have only 8-bit parallel interface. After some research I found that we can increase frequency of gpio using direct register programming in kernel space. So how to program gpio in kernel space and is there any other processor for parallel camera/lcd interface and how to do on that processor?

Can CSI be used for parallel 16-bit/24-bit camera interface, if yes then how to do?

Please help!!!

Hi @vivek338,

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Regarding your query I am afraid to say we have not tested the use case in particular. That said it should be possible to achieve both using appropriate bridge ic. Something you need to test at your end.

Parallel to CSI2: DS90UR905Q with DS90UR910-Q1
Other part number LT8918 can also be checked.

For Display need bridge ic which will do MIPI DSI to RGB something like TC9595XBG.

Note: We have not verified above implementation.
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Ritesh Kumar