Verdin imx8m min and dahia carrier board

We bought Verdin iMx8m mini (v 1.0B) and 2 Dahlia carrier board. Several questions:

  1. I can not get into recovery mode : a. connect x3 with usb-c to win10 host. b. press+hold recovery button, while hit on/off button. Hold recovery button at least 10 secs. c. On win10 host, run “recovery-windows.bat” :

Downloading Toradex Easy Installer…
uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips – libuuu_1.4.43-0-ga9c099a

Success 0 Failure 0 Wait for Known USB Device Appear…

It just stays there.

  1. How do I flash emmc with new uboot and linux. I can stop in uboot on debug port. Inside office , we don’t have internet connection to go outside.
  2. Is always uboot on emmc? Can it put on SD and boot from SD? Any jumpers to change boot order?

I haven’t used dahlia but on the verdin development board this process worked well for me.
One thing you don’t mention is making sure the USB port is set to otg mode. This will either be a jumper or you need the right sort of micro USB cable.
Hope that helps, good luck.

Greetings @billerica01,

When put into recovery mode, the system should enumerate a USB device on your windows 10 host. Is there any such device at all? If no then perhaps the system isn’t actually being put into recovery mode. If there is a USB device detected then it might be some kind of cabling issue with the USB.

Best Regards,

  • Have you connected USB OTG cable between Dahlia X3 connector and your dev machine? So you should have 2 USB cables from your dev machine to Dahlia X3 for image loading and X18 for debug serial.

  • You can download image to USB stick or SD card and then flash it using Toradex easy installer.

  • All our modules fused to boot from eMMC. So bootloader should be there. Then you can set U_boot (or other bootloader) to load an OS from any available media.

Hi Alex,

Somehow the recovery mode can be entered when I’m working from home. In office, it is not possible to connect the kit to internet. And in office environment, I’m not able to get it into recovery mode. I hangs forever after starting “recovery-windows.bat”.

How do I know the device is enumerated? I opened device manager. No changes on the page.

Oh wait, this information changes things. Between your home and office setup are you using different PCs? USB Cables? Any other difference except for the internet?

Just to clarify just to run the recovery-windows.bat script shouldn’t require internet access.

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Recovery script does not require Ethernet connection. Please try another USB cables and/or change a host machine .