Verdin iMX8 Mini - QT for device Creation Demo 5.15.1 - LVDS not working


I want to know how to add a new LVDS resolution in QT for device Creation Demo 5.15.1. I tried to access the terminal via putty to add the correct overlay, but the system does not allow remote access via putty. What to do? Thank you all for the attention!

Where (network) do you have conacted your board?

Hi, how are you?

I made the connection via ethernet port. I tried to access with the ip found in nmap to a Toradex Verdin board.

ok. i think its the best do have a dhcp server on your workstation. check out the article

We have a own physical dhcp server, but you also can work with a virtual i think, as the articel show.
Then you can find your device easily with the hostname, which you know.