Verdin DSI to HDMI Adaptor

BSP Linux 5.7
Module verdion iMX8MP 1.1A
Board Development board 1.1C
Verdin DSI to HDMI Adaptor 1.1

I want to use Verdin DSI to HDMI Adaptor.

I set overlays.txt


But HDMI does not output.

Do I need to configure anything else?

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Hi @developer0916 ,

Should be OK. Are you 100% sure that the overlays are applied? You should get a message when booting in U-Boot.

You probably know this but here is the whole info: Device Tree Overlays (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center

Do you get output with native HDMI?


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Do you get output with native HDMI?

TEZI can output with HDMI adaptor.
but Linux BSP can’t output.

I attched U-Boot log.
Please check.

Best regards.
log.txt (38.1 KB)

Hi @developer0916 , the BSP image 5.7.0 should have both Native and HDMI adapter enabled by default and both should work.

Do you get output with both overlays enabled? I see that you have it commented.

fdt_overlays=verdin-imx8mp_native-hdmi_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_lt8912_overlay.dtbo

Also please try reinstalling the Minimal/Multimedia image 5.7.0.


I tried to reinstall OS image.
overlays.txt contains both settings in their default state.
The result is same.

Native HDMI can output LCD.

DSI to HDMI adoptor can not output LCD.

But TEZI can output with both mehod.

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Very strange… Try unplugging and plugging back the Adapter. This should definitely work with Multimedia and Minimal image 5.7.0. even when hotplugging the HDMI.

Can you try on a Verdin iMX8M Mini?

Easy Installer can output both methods.
So this is a software issue.

I only have V1.0B of Verdin-iMX8MM.
It can output with HDMI adaptor and 1.0B board.

Best reagdrs.

If this works on TEZI it seems to be a SW issue, yes.

Did you managed to solve it?

Note that Verdin-iMX8MM V1.0B with HDMI adaptor and 1.0B board are from 1st Gen Verdin, so the devices are different.


Sorry for the late reply.
I have not resolved this.

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I resolved this issue.
This setting required.

setenv video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720-16@60D

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I made a mistake. Below.
setenv vidargs video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720-16@60D

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