Verdin-AM62 SOM with LVDS display port on Mallow carrier board We need compatable LVDS Display information?

We need to confirmation for this LVDS display is compatible [Capacitive Touch Display - 10 inch LVDS] with Verdin-AM62 SOM and Mallow carrier board.

Yes, that display is compatible with the Verdin-AM62 SoM and the Mallow carrier board. However, it is not supported out-of-the-box in our pre-built OS images. You will need to apply the ‘Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS’ device tree overlay for the ‘Mezzanine’ add-on boards

Thank you @alex.tx

hi alex
we are added Mezzanine dtbo but display is not working. can you share me steps for testing.

Thank you
Akash Shinde

  • Ensure that you have added the correct Device Tree Overlay (DTO). The correct name is not “Mezzanine dtbo” but “verdin-am62_mezzanine_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo”.
  • Verify that you have followed all the steps described here correctly.
  • Check that the display cable is properly connected.

Hi @Akash,

Apart from what @alex.tx shared please also check if JP1 is shortened. This will power LVDS back-light from Mallow input supply.

Make sure Mallow power input should be same as displayu backlight input. Check Mallow datasheet section 2.9.3 for more details.

Best Regards
Ritesh kumar

@alex.tx thank you.
we are loaded verdin-am62_mezzanine_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo.mezzanine backlight related sys entry we are detecting but only splash screen detecting on boot time but no any logo loaded. May be something we are missing can you please help me.

@ritesh.tx Jumper p1is shorted.12v power supply we are connecting

One more thing touch i2c entey not detected in i2cdetect can you please help for same

Hi @Akash,

We quickly tested Verdin AM62Q 2GB WB IT+Mallow+BSP 6 and display works fine without any issue. Please check below overlay which we used

cat /boot/overlays.txt

One more thing touch i2c entey not detected in i2cdetect can you please help for same

Please check cable is properly connected. Also Pease share i2cdetect command output and complete log to further check issue related to same.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

@alex.tx @ritesh.tx We are confused. You both giving different dtbo files please confirm.
currently i have loaded.verdin-am62_dsi-to-lvds_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo
after some modification i have getting console logs on lvds display but touch i2c not detected.
how to i disable console logs and enable boot logo. Please help me.

thank you!

Hi @Akash,

To clear your confusion please check below details what we tested with our capacitive display for both display and touch with Mallow and Verdin AM62 using below overlay


root@verdin-am62-15190367:/usr/bin# tdx-info
Software summary
Bootloader:               U-Boot
Kernel version:           6.1.80+git.0d9f1748ac17 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 28 13:48:11 UTC 2024
Kernel command line:      root=PARTUUID=72f46628-02 ro rootwait console=tty1 console=ttyS2,115200 consoleblank=0 earlycon=ns16550a,mmio32,0x02800000
Distro name:              NAME="TDX Wayland with XWayland"
Distro version:           VERSION_ID=6.6.0-build.12
Distro variant:           -
Hostname:                 verdin-am62-15190367

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

@ritesh.tx Thank you!