Verdin A53 reset

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the A53 core without interrupting the M4 core?

I realize there is not internal connection to the SRC but could a GPIO pin be use to reset only the A53 and run through ROM bootup?

Could you please explain why do you need this? What is your use case?

@alex.tx we are using the M4 for class c satefy critical software and a safety certified rtos. The hope is possibly also using the M4 as a supervisor of the A53 core. The M4 could reset the A53 whether the application faults or there is a kernel panic.

Looks like It’s not possible to reset A53 cores(s) only by external SOC pin. Please check i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual for details. You can also try the NXP community.

To handle a A53 application fault or kernel panic you can use an internal Watchdog.

That’s sort of what I was expecting. I’ll plan around with internal Watchdogs. I believe for our use case if we can reboot the application core within 30 seconds, we should be fine.

hi @rsprince

Have you found a solution for your issue?

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Hi Jaski,

Yes and no, we have decided it was best not to reset the A53 grammatically and allow the user to reset the device themself.

Perfect. Thanks for sharing this Information to us.