Verdin 8MM DSI LVDS display rotation

I’m trying to configure the DSI to LVDS adapter on an 8MM Verdin module with the Toradex 10.1" display.

The display works as is but I would like to reconfigure it for portrait mode. I’ve found the documentation on how to do this for Weston, but this still leaves it looking clunky as the boot display is still incorrectly oriented.

I tried playing with the devicetree config but because it is connected using a DSI bridge, there doesn’t seem to be a “panel” instance that can take a rotation parameter (as opposed to e.g. the mezzanine LVDS on the 8MP).

What is the correct way to rotate the display in the devicetree or kernel command line for this bridge? I also tried “video=LVDS-1:panel_orientation:left_side_up” in the kernel command line (as well as DSI-1 for the output name)

Hi @bw908,

From what I understand from your question, you need to rotate the splash screen during the boot process of your device, am I correct?

For that, you could simply add a custom splash screen from a PNG file that is rotated and will fit your needs. Please, take a look at this article on how to deploy an image with the custom splash screen: Splash Screen on TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center

Let me know if you need any help with that.

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That sort-of works but isn’t really suitable as the spinner is then in a strange place. While it’s possible to reconfigure and customize the entire plymouth theme to fix this, (and I’ll do that if I have to) that’s not my first choice as a solution.

For whatever reason the weston ini change also doesn’t take, the container refuses to start after specifying the orientation.

I am wondering if the DSI to LVDS bridge simply does not support this.

Hi @bw908,

I’m taking a look at your issue here with the team to see if they have something to help you.
Meanwhile, could you send us a picture of the boot splash screen? Just for us to see where the spinner is.

Could you share your westo.ini and the error logs that you’re seeing?

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Hi there!
I pasted the example section directly from the developer article and adapted it slightly as follows:


That did not change the orientation at all, so I used the weston-info tool to check and saw the output was actually named “DSI-1”. Changing the name in the INI file caused the container to stop launching, and the output of docker logs torizon_weston_1 was empty.

My issue with the spinner is that it would, instead of being horizontally centered and about 2/3 of the way down the screen, then be positioned at the vertical center and 2/3 of the way to the right of the screen. (Related but something I don’t expect you to support is that I’ve actually customized the splash screen theme beyond just the single image so it has more elements and a custom spinner. - so I can obviously adjust the theme further if necessary to account for this rotation, - I’m just hopeful for a “hardware” solution rather than a software one.

(The rotation is apparently possible with the Verdin Mezzanine board together with the Mini Plus, as it has native LVDS instead of a DSI interface. We have ordered a Mezzanine to experiment with this as an option (as well as asking our panel provider if they are able to offer one that is native portrait mode.)

If you wish I can still provide a picture of the screen but I will need to do that tomorrow as I would need to remove certain branding that I cannot post publicly at this time.

Hi @bw908,

Searching in NXP community, I’ve found this question:

Apparently, this guy is having the same problem as yours, and NXP replied him:

Unfortunately, is impossible with the weston.ini file, since this process 
is not initialized at that level. For that, you will need to create a patch
for the u-boot and for the kernel that could change the display orientation 
at that level.

So in order to properly rotate the splash screen without using the TorizonCore Builder, a custom kernel patch is needed.

Regarding the Weston problem, how are you running this container? Could you share your docker run command?

A picture would be great for us.

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Hi @bw908,

I remembered something that might help: weston.ini file will not work if you leave blank spaces in the file. For instance, if you have [output] <- blank space after ] instead of [ouput] the configuration can fail.
Could you please check if you have any blank space in your weston.ini file?

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Thank you, I will check this when I next have a moment. I apologize for not providing the screenshot yet, I’ve been asked to put this task on the back burner for a few days while I work on something higher priority.

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