Various Silverlight Issues with WEC 7

We are using Embedded Silverlight to create a small application. We use animation for tranisitioning from one screen to another. In one instance we use visual states to trigger an animation.

As soon as animation comes into play, various rendering issues start to appear. The background of elements isn’t cleaned up before rendering, some areas of the screen appear shifted, etc. If we trigger animation with visual states, some controls on the screen sporadically don’t update as they should: you set a text to a control and it might not update at all.

I see that the Toradex Silverlight flash installer dates back to Sep 2014. And I see that Microsoft has released several Silverlight related fixes in the monthly updates to WEC7.

  • Can you provide a more recent silverlight installer for WEC 7?
  • Does anybody have words of advice for fixing the issues we see?


We provided an updated installer for Windows Embedded Compact 2013, since this is the release were Microsoft did most of the improvement on this technology. I’ll investigate internally and check if we can update what we currently provide for WEC7.
If you have platform builder installed (and up to date) you may use our sample workspaces and binary BSPs to build your own image that includes Silverlight/XAML.
If you can provide an application that shows those issues and update it on we may test also with other platforms to understand if it’s a tegra-specific issue or not.

Valter, thanks for your reply!

Because we are using the T20, we are stuck with WEC 7. We’ll provide a sample application that demos some of the hick-ups. The Microsoft WEC 7 updates list several improvements for Silverlight in the course of time. Please let us know, whether you plan to update the cab installer, so we aren’t forced to use platform builder and can stay with your images for now.

Thanks for your excellent support,

We have updated our Silverlight installer with June 2017 WEC7 updates. Please download it from
Please let us know if you face any problem on this.

Thanks so much!!! We’ll give it a try right away…