UVC on iMX8

I have a custom yocto build for iMX8 and iMX6 and we’re trying to get UVC installed for video over USB support. It comes installed through our iMX6 image however I have not managed to get it installed into our iMX8 image. It’s a kernel package and I’m not sure what kernel settings I need to enable to get it to install. I’ve enabled a few different defconfig settings but still haven’t been able to get it to install. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What exact hardware (module and carrier board) and software versions of things are you talking about?

Likely it’s the USB video class you are looking for:


I did actually enable that in our defconfig, so either that’s not it or i’m changing the defconfig incorrectly. I read that toradex doesn’t currently support defconfig fragments which is what I tried originally, now I’m appending the options I want to the end of the defconfig file. Like is suggested here However it still appears to not contain UVC

Apalis iMX8QM
Ixora 1.2a
Toradex-bsp LinuxImage3.0

Sorry if that didn’t answer all of your questions.

One may check /proc/config.gz to figure out where or not this got properly enabled.