Uuu inside of a VM?


This has to be something stupid. I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS virtual machine under Oracle Virtual Box. I’ve tried to be the good little geek and follow the various Toradex instructions. I have over 30 years in IT, but rarely go quite so close to the metal. Was trying to get uuu to work. I did the installs per the on-line documentation.

sudo snap install universal-update-utility
sudo snap alias universal-update-utility uuu
sudo snap connect universal-update-utility:removable-media

I have the two USB-C cables properly connected.

One provides COM6 and PuTTY works just fine getting over to the board. I can see two different Toradex entries in the USB devices. If map the one into the VM it disconnects COM6 as expected.


Checking the other USB Toradex into the VM tosses up the “high-speed config” message on the console.

Giving the second USB device to the VM creates no device entries. uuu -lsusb finds nothing as expected.

Giving the first device to the VM not only takes away COM6, but creates the following devices.


uuu -lsusb still finds nothing.

There has got to be something stupid I’m missing. All help appreciated.

Yes, when you connect X66 USB-C to your dev machine you will have 4 serial devices - DBG_CTL, JTAG, UART_4 and UART_3. Please check chapter 2.19 USB Debugger of Verdin Development board datasheet.

The uuu utility will see appropriate serial device only when module is in recovery mode.

We are neither support direct usage of uuu utility nor Linux virtual machine. Please use the NXP community if you have any related questions. Instead we recommend to use a native Linux box as a dev machine and the Toradex Easy Installer for an image flashing. All our module shipped pre-flashed with it.

When posting a question, please always provide the HW revision version of the module and the carrier board you are using.

Sorry for leaving out the HW version and carrier board. I’m not a hardware person.

A native Linux box is not an option. This has to occur in a VM.

I didn’t get this board fresh and clean. It came running the Qt demo and we won’t be using Qt. I don’t know how many used this before me.

WARNING:root:DETECT - Login successful.
INFO:root:DETECT - Toradex device id 06848973
INFO:root:DETECT - verdin-imx8 detected :: Model 0058

This module is mounted on the full size board.

The HW revisions are printed on white labels attached to a module and a carrier board. You don’t need to be hardware person to read them. Please try to load the Toradex Easy Installer to re-flash your module. Sorry, but we cannot guarantee that it will work in a virtual machine.