UUID of network connexion all the same when using TorizonCore Builder


I recently installed the Torizon OS on 8 different cards (without the test containers), I also used TorizonCore builder on each SoM to deploy a new Device tree overlay.

My problem is that when I use the command

nmcli connection modify

I have the same UUID for all my SoMs.

network0 958cc5e3-1bbf-3d64-beeb-020d4414e254 ethernet ethernet0

when I plug 2 of my SoMs into the same network, one of them has major connection problems, if I ping a machine in the same subnet, there are packet drops.

I already tried to take the card that had dropped packets and put it in another network, it does not have this dropping problem.

here are my configurations because I use fixed IPv4.

nmcli con mod 'network0' ipv4.addresses "xxx.xxx.10.44/24"
nmcli con mod 'network0' ipv4.gateway "xxx.xxx.10.1"
nmcli con mod 'network0' ipv4.dns "",""
nmcli con mod 'network0' ipv4.method "manual"

is my problem because my UUID is the same on both cards?
if yes how can I change it?

this is how i deployed my device tree overlay:

torizoncore-builder build

torizoncore-builder images unpack torizon-core-docker-verdin-imx8mm-Tezi_6.4.0.CUSTOM3

torizoncore-builder deploy --remote-host xxx.xxx.100.175 --remote-username xxx--remote-password 	xxx -- reboot

thank you

Hi @autolab !

Do I understand correctly that you assigned the same IP (xxx.xxx.10.44) to different modules in the same network?

Best regards,