Using WIC files with Toradex Easy Loader

We had a custom OS built using Toradex BSP and Yocto Zeus 3.0. The instructions for booting the OS included using wic files and an SD card.

We now want to incorporate the OS directly into eMMC, but after building the image, there are no TEZI files that can be used with the Easy Loader. Is there a way to use wic files with the Easy Loader?

If not, how can I use the existing wic file and incorporate it into eMMC?

Please note that BSP 4.0 is no longer supported. Our latest production release is BSP 5.1.0 released early this year. WIC images are not meant to be used directly with the Toradex Easy Installer. Do you get Toradex Easy Installer images if you build following the following article on our developer website?

I am sure following the article will work. I do not think there is an issue with my build system. It was just never setup to output TEZI files.

I tried following the instructions found in this post:

But, it has trouble at the step. The script returns with an error saying the .dtb files could not be found, even though I know I copied them into the folder. That stuff is way obsolete by now, sorry.