Using Visual Studio Remote Tools

started VS2015 und tried to use some remote Tools (remote file Viewer) just to see the Connection working, but … no Response. I used the remote Tools on this PC with other products, no Problem.

Where to look into?

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oh, I have to start the Debugger Client on the device manually, thats the difference.

From the Task bar: Start/Programs/Colibri Tools/Start Debugger Client.
And the currently assigned IP address is displayd also.


Hi @Gerhard

There’s some setup required to use the Visual Studio Remote Tools, and there’s a number of known issues related to these tools. Please refer to the following post:

To work on a headless device, I recommend to use the Remote Display V3, which allows you to interact with the WinCe device as if you had a real screen and keyboard connected.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

ok, sounds nice, will give it a try now.

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