Using UUU on a custom PCBA

We have a custom board based off of the MCIMX8QM-CPU MEK Platform. We are trying to bring it up using that image as provided by NXP just to get a bootable unit.

When attempting to use the UUU tool it repeatedly tries to load the boot file until it is cancelled with ctrl+c as shown in the image below. We currently are not sure if our UART that is connected to the imx8 is working (it is routed through an FPGA that, while programmed, is not vetted), but we don’t see anything on that connection when viewed at 115200,8,n,1.

Does this point to anything obvious in the bring up process?

Loading with the MEK image showing the repeating prompt,

Loading with an invalid Ixora image showing the failure,

The fact that the invalid image leads directly to a failure that the MEK image gets past is promising, but I’m not sure what it points to.


Could you please provide some clarification?
Are you using an Apalis IMX8X module with a custom carrier board based on the MCIMX8QM-CPU MEK platform?
What do you mean by "an invalid Ixora image?

We are not using an Apalis imx8x module, we are using a completely custom PCBA based around the MEK platform integrated with the imx8qm part. Single custom PCBA.

When I say an invalid ixora image I simply mean attempting to load an image over UUU that varies greatly from what the board was based on (the MEK in this case). If we attempt to load any of the default images other than the provided MEK one we get this LIBUSB_ERROR_IO result, which I believe is expected. I bring it up just to highlight the difference in the results.

In the case of the MEK image where it keeps attempting to load the imx-boot-imx8qmmek-sd.bin-flash file to the custom board does this point to anything? Like corruption in the DDR after copying the file or anything to that effect?

I believe the NXP community is a more suitable place for your questions."