Using the Solar2D Graphics Engine to work on the iMX8QXP

I am just working on getting the Solar2D Graphics engine compiled and packaged up into a container.


Why? It makes butter smooth moving sprites that I can program to interact with the user using some pretty straightforward Lua. I can write the code on my desktop, and it says it should run on my embedded target.

So far I spent two days straight messing with it, and at this stage I thought I would just ask to see if anybody had already done it?

If its, a “no” I will write a blog on how to do it once I have got it running.


Fat Linux
(By the way my wife said my dog really enjoyed my dinner, as I refused to come out of my workshop)

Greetings @FatLinux,

I looked all over our community and internally at Toradex. I unfortunately found no references to Solar2D. I even checked Dockerhub and it seems there is no Solar2D container image made by some third party.

With that I would have to say it seems the answer is “no” on if anyone has tried this before. A blog on this would be quite interesting if you’re able to get something going.

Just out of curiosity, is this for a new project/product you’re working on, or is this more of a personal investigation?

Best Regards,

Hi Jeremias,

Its work unfortunately. Although Angry Birds is made with Solar2D predecessor.

My other project is stuck so until I get a way forward I am onto something else.

For a new product that will provide a very rich UI. A hand held device that trains its user, or gives them a quick refresher course.



I see, thank you for sharing the details. I’m interested to hear about any updates.