Using the GPIO lib with VB (new version)

just found this article.

Is there any article how I can do this using the new lib?

Thanks a lot for helping.

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Dear @Gerhard

I’m afraid we don’t have a ready-made example for VB.NET.
It shouldn’t be too difficult do make it work, but depending on the number of functions you plan to use, it might be quite some repetitive work:
You will need to do the following:

  1. Add the TdxAllLibraries.dll to your project, instead of gpiolib.dll. In contrast to the old libraries, all the new library functions are combined in a single DLL.
  2. Make the DLL functions visible to your VB code

Please take the following starting points:

  • Developer page article “How to use GPIO library in”
    – it shows you hwo to include a DLL into your project
    – it also shows you examples, how to make the functions visible to your VB code.

  • Walkthrough: Calling Windows APIs (Visual Basic).NET
    – Microsoft’s documentation about how to declare DLL functions in VB.

  • In our Library download package, there is a folder dotNet
    – It contains the declarations we use for This is pretty much what you need to make the library functions visible in VB, but of course the syntax for C# is different than what you need for VB.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

thanks, so ist not more than that.

I will send you a copy when I have ported. Maybe it is for interest.

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greetings you can send me a copy to

thanks att Francisco