Using SQLite database and server in C


I am using Iris Carrier board and Colibri T20 .
I have to use database for my application. So I was reading the document about how to use SQLite in c on knowledge base. As I am new to the database and servers, I want to know where this database is stored. is this database locally saved in flashdisk or any server with IP. How to create the database. How can I send data to a particular server. please guide me or point me to proper link.

Yes I looked at the link you have provided. I wanted to know where this database is created.? Is it stored locally in flashdisk or somewhere else. I am using WinCE7

Please have a look at the API’s? Specifically sqlite3_open.

Which operating system are you using? Since you mention Flashdisk, is it WinCE?

Did you have a look at this article?

SQLite is an embedded database and does not use a client server architecture. Please have a thorough look at the SQLite Documentation.

Like whenever possible use database Servers or Cloud, if not escape try to use something on the RAM.

I have worked with dicts with Python, and SQLite have used “”: memory: "the connection where the database resides in Memory RAM and from time to time can send to another place to store the information.

However, my experiences were with Linux.

Cleiton Bueno

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