Using ipk packages to install python on iMX8 colibri


I am using the linux image which is offered by toradex and install required packages with
opkg after building it. This approach worked well up to now.
I need to install python3 and a few modules. The lib and python3c-core package was installed without problems. But I am running into circular dependencies while installing python3-asyncio, which requires python3-compression. This package requires python3-shell and shell requires compression.

Is there a way to solve this dependencies without building a complete image.

Thx, BR gandi

Dear @gandi

Sorry for the late answer! Unfortunately we were quite busy the last days and I wanted to check on myself first before answering the question.
I did not run into the circular dependency issue you described. Of course I was not able to install python3-core, python3-asyncio, python3-compression and python3-shell without any additional packages, because they have dependencies to other packages as well (sometimes the same). But opkg tells you which dependency is missing actually when you try to install something and you can just add this package to your opkg install command and try again, until you managed to add all dependencies to one command. At the end, I came up with following install command:

opkg install libpython3.5m1.0_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-core_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-unixadmin_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-compression_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-math_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-crypt_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-ctypes_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-datetime_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-email_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-mime_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-netclient_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-io_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-logging_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-multiprocessing_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-pickle_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-threading_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-asyncio_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-stringold_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk python3-shell_3.5.6-r1.0_aarch64.ipk

As you can see, there are a lot of dependencies to other packages! But if you install them all at once with this command, you should not run into any circular dependency issue.

Best regards