Using HID devices on T20

Hello everyone. I recently received a T20-based device with Windows Embedded Compact 7 installed (build 2848) and my task was to connect a joystick to it, which is a HID device. I’ve done this before with stm32, adding recognition and functionality of new devices to the standard library, but this is the first time I’m working with Windows Embedded and I’m a little confused. Maybe someone has already done this and can, briefly, tell me how to act in this case? I will be glad of any comments and suggestions

Hi @dr.modi,

You can find a comprehensive amount of articles in the web explaining how to connect a HID device to an WinCE target computer, that one can be a good starting point: HID Drivers (Windows Embedded CE 6.0) | Microsoft Docs

Also there are some tutorials from Toradex for getting started with WinCE, however nothing specific to HID devices since it is not hardware specific: Getting Started with Windows CE on Toradex ARM Modules