Using GTK# and monodevelop to build application for toradex processors.?

Hello all,

I have been designing software using C#. Recently I have received Toradex Iris carrier board with voila vf61 with linux in it. I need to design application which will include GUI in it. I know that GUI can be designed using QT (C++) or GTK (C) and then cross compile it for ARM to run it on toradex. But as I am from C# environment, so I was looking for some libraries in ubuntu for C#.

After reading few articles, I get to know about MonoDevelop ide. Using this we can create GUI application. It requires GTK# and stetics gui designer which works exactly like Glade. After building the project, it produce exe file which runs perfectly in ubuntu.

I was wondering if this platform (monodevelop + GTK#) can be used to design application for toradex. Does anyone has any idea about it. I only have ubuntu on my machine and linux on toradex so cant really go for wince to use C# that’s why I ended up with solution. Can anyone give me idea on how to cross compile GTA# project for ARM so that I can execute that application on toradex.Thanks.

See the existing community posts on Mono and GTK# here and here.

Ok so we need to install mono on our target device. Also this generated exe on development pc will run as it is if install mono on target device. Don’t we need to cross compile it.?

While we do not have much experience on Mono, one would expect generated executable on host PC to run on target as well, since that would comply with Common Intermediate Language byte code which would be translated at runtime into native code or executed by the Mono runtime in a manner similar to how Java bytecode gets handled by JVM.