Using external emmc with Colibri Imx8x

I am trying to use SDINBDG4-8G-I2 with the colibri-imx8x.

Can I wire this chip using the SD Card line as it is on the Colibri Evaluation Board?
Would I need to change anything in the device tree for this device to show up ?

Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the SDINBDG4-8G-I2, and the publicly available datasheet does not provide enough information to answer your question. It may be possible to connect it to a conventional 4-wire SD card interface, but to confirm compatibility and learn the specific method of connection, we suggest contacting SanDisk directly

I was able to acquire the data sheet from Sandisk. Can you please confirm this is compatible with Colibri imx8x?

I have DAT_0 - DAT_4 connected to MMC_DAT_0 - MMC_DAT_4 on Colibri with 10k pullups.

DAT_5_- DAT_7 are connect to 3.3V via a 10K pull up.

Datasheet attached.
Data sheet - IX EM122 02-05-WW-04-00159 v2.2.PDF (2.3 MB)

The datasheet does not clearly indicate if the chip is capable of emulating an SD card interface. Additionally, the reference schematic depicts an 8-bit data bus connection, whereas an Colibri SD card interface has only 4 data lines. To obtain clarification on whether this chip can be connected using the standard SD card interface, please reach out to SunDisk/Western Digital.