Using digital outputs with imx8x carrier board

High Level …
I am working to use lines on the IRIS X16 connector with imx8x SOM as GPIO digital outputs.
What is a good path to provide definition as outputs and control of the lines of which only one appears as a digital output (SODIMM_103) by default Torizon environment.

Details …
On the IRIS carrier board with imx8x SOM, I need to use lines the X16 connector SODIMM 98,133,103,101,97,85,79,45 as well as the ANALOG_IN3 (Pin 4) and ANALOG_IN2 (Pin 2) to generate 10 digital outputs to control external devices. I have been working my way through the documentation for device overlays, is this good path to accomplish what I am trying to do? The only line that are mapped as GPIO as shown by gpioinfo is SODIMM_103 Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Greetings @RayO,

A device tree overlay, or just device tree changes in general are the correct way to go about this. You must remember that while most pins on our modules are capable of being used as GPIO, they’re very often serving some other purpose by default. Therefore it is important to understand the default device tree as this is what defines each pins usage.

The general flow would be to check the current device tree and see what function a particular pin is currently serving as. Then if nesscary you need to remove it from it’s current function and redefine it as a GPIO, otherwise you’ll run into conflicts in the software. However you also need to be careful that the pin isn’t serving some other purpose you need as well before you change it for GPIO usage.

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