Using Colibri iMX6ULL EIMs with an FRAM

Hi team,

A customer wants to connect an FRAM using EIM in Colibri iMX6ULL (BSP 5.2).

According to the datasheet, we have: Up to 15-bit address bus width (non-consecutive: A0 to A7 and A18 to A24). We understand the memory is not contiguous but we have some doubts about the usage:

  1. For the HW connection should be something like this?
EIM A00-A07-> FRAM A00-A07
EIM A18-A24-> FRAM A08-A14
  1. Is the address contiguous or is it something to be taken into account?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @alvaro.tx !

  1. A connection like you proposed should work.

  2. As it is not clear if the module has Wifi or not, please, take a look at the table 5-15 from Colibri IMX6ULL datasheet to see which pins are not available on Wifi modules.

Best regards.

Hi @henrique.tx , thanks! How can the customer use this from an application? Any help or examples on this?