Using a 4D Systems Display


Very New to SBC’s and the Toradex Boards here.
I Have a new T-20 with Iris carrier, Anyone know if its possible to use a 4D Systems touch displays with these Toradex boards? (in particular the 7" gen4-uLCD-70D-CLB)

Wondering if there is any way to easily interface with them. They have a 30 pin ZIF socket for an FPC cable.


This 4D Displays are “intelligent displays / smart displays” which come with there own controller. All Toradex modules have already LCD controllers on board. So you do no need this additional controller on the display it self, also you would need to use special driver for this display and the typical the performance would be much worse.

Toradex modules are compatible with most non smart displays on the market. For WinCE we also provide a convince tool to adjust the display timings (Display tool and Colibri Tweak)

Most of our carrier boards have connectors for LVDS and for Parallel LCD interface, the parallel LCD interface is a 40pin FFC connector, this is common on display however most manufactuere choose there own pinout, so make sure it fits our you need a low cost adapter PCB.

Here some articles about supported displays on our modules: