UserControl Not Working with Toradex Platform?

I use VS2013 Update 5 with WinCE 2013 and try to create an “User Control”.

Normally (and seen in some tutorials for User Controls with .NETCF) the User Control compiles and appears in the Toolbox after a build command. But there is no DLL created (not compiled) and therefore it doesn’t appears in the Toolbox.

With a normal .NET project everything works.

Somehow I think it’s a problem with the platform set to Toradex and not “Smart Device”, that’s why I ask this question not on stackoverflow. Has anyone had similar problems?

@TriUrs: Do you have a sample project, so we could give it a try on our setup here.

Note: The “Smart Device” is replaced by “Windows Embedded Compact”. As far as I know, there is no “Smart Device” any longer.

Example C# project: MyDeviceApplication with one user control. Used Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition with Update 5 and latest Toradex SDK.

Workaround is to create a ControlLibrary project. Then a DLL is compiled, which I can add to the toolbox. Little bit more complicated but it works.

We have been able to reproduce this on VS2015 as well. May one workarround would be to pack the controll in its own project and deploy it as dependency?

Yes, this seems to be the workaround at the moment. Can live with it. Thank you.