Use two HDMI displays on Apalis iMX8


For our project, we would like to use two hdmi displays wit the apalis iMX8 running with boot2qt. Our carrier board has been built as follow.

First HDMI:
This one already works natively on Apalis iMX8.

But our main concern is with the second one:


Firstly, would something like that works alongside HDMI1? And if so, how could it be enable in device tree and used within Boot2Qt?

Thanks for answers and advices,


Hello Romian,

which version of the IMX8 are you using and it which resolution will you run the displays.

Matthias Gohlke

Hi Matthias,

For the moment, we are using the Apalis iMX8QP 2GB WB V1.0B, but in the future, we would like to go with the Apalis iMX8QP 2GB V1.1C (non WB) or latest when released.

Best use case for the display would be 1920x1080, but 1280x720 would be fine too because we would be using it as a secondary display with minor informations.

Have you built the custom carrier already or are you planning to do it ?

Best Regrads

We already have a prototype based on the schematic I sent here, but so far we are not able to make the second hdmi works. We are planning to order the final version of the carrier by next month based on the prototype.

As I see you took over the most from our colibri DSI to HDMI adapter
but why did you use one two lanes from The DSI Interface?

Also be aware the the HDMI ESD chip is end of life. so you might to use something similar.
on the software side you need to implement the driver for the DSI to HDMI chip. have you done this already?
Can you share what you have tryed and also share your devicetree file.

Best Regrds,

Matthias Gohlke