Use of SPL on Apalis iMX6q IT

Hi all,
I tried to build a custom image with ptxdist (due to legacy reason I cannot use Open Embedded) for an apalis iMX6q IT module.
I used the configuration “apalis_imx6_nospl_it_defconfig” because my module is IT. Furthermore I saw that the “apalis_imx6_defconfig” does not support “u-boot.imx”.

The image installation failed; no error during the process but the module wasn’t able to startup. I had to reset it manually.

So far my question is: is correct to build an image with the configuration set in “apalis_imx6_nospl_it_defconfig” for that kind of module? Should I use the standard “apalis_imx6_defconfig” with “u-boot.img”?

Many thanks,
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That IT specific configuration is obsolete and has since been removed as recent BSPs do use an SPL to automatically initialise the memory specific to resp. SKU. What exact artefact to build and install is described in great detail in the following article on our developer website. Of course if you do know what you are doing you may also opt not to follow any of our advice and do however you please.