Use nvflash.exe and write linux image

I must update update my project carrier board from Iris 1.1 to Iris 2.0

I used in mass production “very very very” old method described in “very very very” old images

This method use nvflash.exe

nvflash.exe --bct ColibriT20_333_512_V1_2.bct --setbct --configfile lnx_nand.cfg --create --bl loader.nb0 --go

I haven’t changed that for many years
I don’t want to teach linux people on production

I see big changes in the design of the tools used to write linux

I have a question:

Is possible write last image
by nvflash.exe ?

And it really does not work with your current BSP? As unless you are using a rather special use case I don’t see why any software functionality should even be affected. So my recommendation, stay with whatever you have unless it really causes you any sever issues.

Anyway, back to your question, unfortunately, we long since stopped supporting nvflash. For later modules, we recommend the Toradex Easy Installer for production use. However, I do realise that the Colibri T20 is not supported there as of yet. So I am afraid I can’t present you any easy solution.