Use New Library for Tegra?

Should I already use the new library (TdxAllLibraries) for Apalis T30 / Tegra module?

I need ADC, I2C and GPIO?

Currently the we are still working on the new Libraries for Tegra. ADC, I2C and GPIO are already ready.

In case you plan to use WEC2013, we recently fixed some issues on the kernelcallbacklib as well as on the I2C lib. The issues are 25056 and 25052 .You find a prerelease of the two libs here.

Thank you. I’ve started using the new library. ADC and GPIO are working. I2C partial.

Is there a prelease DLL for download? I use C++ and C# and under C# my system freezes when I close and open I2C again (issue 25056)

I have trouble under C++ too with issue 25056. Probably a prelease DLL will solve the problem too?

@TriUrs: I have uploaded the DLLs in the other Question you opened. File is attached there.

Thank you, works now.