Use JTAG debugger imx8qxp colibri with an M4 application in DDR


We have a working debugger setup in Windows with SEGGER Ozone when the M4 application is linked for TCM memory.
We can also successfully run a TCM or a DDR application when the M4 is started from U-Boot. The one thing we cannot do is upload a DDR application via SEGGER Ozone (or any other JTAG debugger/flasher for that matter).

Is it possible to do such a thing, or can DDR applications only be loaded via the SCU/U-Boot? And if it is possible: how?

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Hi @thorst,

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About your question, yes, it is possible to load firmware into M4 with a JTag debugger.
When you click to download your SDK, there is an option the download de documentation as well:
Inside the compressed file, there is a document called Getting Started with MCUXpresso SDK for MEK-MIMX8QX. Go to chapter 4 Run a demo application using IAR, there you will find instructions to compile your debug file and upload it using the JTAG Debugger.

I’ve never tested this on Windows, but I could do this with a Linus Host Machine running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and a JLink device from Segger. I followed the 5 Run a demo using Arm® GCC chapter for my Linux machine.

Let me know if you need extra help with that.

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Hi Hiago,

Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, it is not the answer I’m looking for. As I tried to make clear in the initial post, I can use the debugger perfectly fine when linking for TCM. I cannot seem to get this working though when I link the M4 for DDR memory.

I know that my image for DDR memory is correct because it works fine when it is loaded via U-Boot, so it is just the combination debugger+M4_in_DDR that I cannot get working.

Is it possible to run an M4 image from a debugger in DDR memory?

Hi @thorst,

I apologize, now I understand your question.

We don’t have an answer for your demand right now, I’ll need to search more about this scenario.
Meanwhile, could you also open a ticket on

I’ll get back to you if I find something relevant.

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Thanks! Asking the NXP community is a good idea, and I’ll try to remember to update this topic if I happen find something before you do

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