Use a more recent version of gstreamer in toradex image


I’m wondering if it’s easily doable, to include gstreamer 1.18 into a toradex-reference-multimedia based image ?
Has it already been done ?



Have you checked our nightly builds? It should include gstreamer 1.18.4

Hi @alex.tx

I have downloaded a nightly build from 14/06/2021 and it looks like gstreamer 1.16.3 is still the current one.

Sorry, for iMX modules with GPU we are using NXP provided gstreamer with HW acceleration. And the latest version they have is 1.16.3/ You can replace it with v1.18.4 from here, but you will lost all HW acceleration.

Hi @alex.tx

thanks for your feedack. I do need the HW accel so I’ll wait for a next NXP release :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update.