USBH serial communications

I have found a discussion on how to use the USB client side to disable the ActiveSync and make use of the client port to communicate with serial devices. What I need is a description on how to use the USB Host (USBH) to do the same. The CE6 OS recognizes my device and asks for a driver but fails when I specify usbser.dll. Any references?

The device info I’m trying to connect to is:
Vendor ID: 0x04D8
Product ID: 0x0054

Most likely your USB devise is not supported by usbser.dll. What is it? I wasn’t able to found device with mentioned VID/PID in USB device database.

I only need serial (streaming) support similar to a FTDI USB-to-RS232 driver. Is there a VID/PID that usbser.dll will like?

“Similar” or “Exactly as”?
You can try to add to registry:



But it helps only if your device protocol compatible with what usbser.dll supports.

I made those additions but still get a “Error installing USB driver usbser.dll” when it asks for the name of the driver.
My device is a PIC18F46J53 using the Microchip CDC driver. I had tested it on Win10 with no issues but it is very configurable, so I can make firmware changes if necessary.
I made registry changes to the USB\FunctionDrivers\USBSER_Class to match my VID/PID as it had already updated the Product and Manufacturer.

Can you make it to mimic FTDI or Silicon Labs USB-2 Serial? Then you can install their driver.

BTW Did you disable Active Sync?

Please check this articles:

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I did not disable ActiveSync because I am on USB Host pins–not USBC.

I am trying the FTDI but am confused. Will the usbser.dll not work with the USB Host?

Does ActiveSync need to be disabled for the Host port to work? If so, that would disable the Client/OTG port as well and I would not be able to debug over USB. Is there any more help you can give me? I haven’t had any success with the FTDI driver yet.

As far as the USBH and USBC ports go, are the same drivers used? If so, how do they know which port?

There appears no solution to this in CE6 short of writing your own driver. Since it was a new project, I loaded the CE7 build and copied the usbser.dll from the Microsoft WINCE700 SDK and the driver was recognized.

Perfect that you found a solution. Thanks for the feedback.

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