USBCCID install

I have been using v1.4 of the Windows CE 7 build for some time.
We built v1.4 using the Workspace/BSP provided.
The reason for building was the requirement to add the smartcard Catalog component (USBCCID.dll)

I have been using newer builds (v.2.0…) but they do not include the USBCCID.dll

I now need to add the USBCCID.dll to the v2.0 build.
Rather than build the OS, is it possible to add the USBCCID.dll to the Flashdisk/system folder and the relevant registry keys?

Tried it anyway and, yes you can add the USBCCID.dll to the Flashdisk/System folder.
You do need to add the relevant registry entries, but other than that it works.