USB5744 works with USB to Serial converters but not with thumb drives

I have two USB ports using a USB5744 hub, one that is right next to the chip works just fine. I have another one that is ~100 mm away + ~50 mm cable to the port. I can get the port that’s further away to work with a Serial to USB converter using USB 2.0, however, I can’t get it to work with thumb drives. I’ve attached the schematic, does anyone know what is going on with this? If it is an issue with how far away the USB port is from the hub is there anything that can be done about this other than just moving it closer? Would VariSense do anything to help with this issue?

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any attached schematics in your message. Regarding the allowable distance between the module’s connector and a USB hub, it can be up to 200mm, provided certain conditions such as Trace Impedance , Max intra-pair skew etc are met. For detailed specifications, please refer to chapter 7.4 USB in the Carrier Board Layout Guide.

I suspect an issue with power delivery on your second USB hub, which might not function properly as it requires significantly more power than a Serial to USB converter.

Could you please share the outputs of dmesg and lsusb -v commands after inserting the Thumb drive?

As per my knowledge the VariSense is a cloud-based wireless temperature monitoring services, and is unlikely to be relevant to the USB thumb drive issue you’re encountering.