USB5744 Hub configuration on Dahlia-based custom carrier board

I am working on bringing up our custom carrier board, which is based on the Dahlia board.
It looks like the USB hub (USB5744, same as the Dahlia board) has not enabled the USB ports. I don’t see any activity or status lights when I connect the mouse and keyboard.

How was the hub configured on the Dahlia board? Do I need to run a utility like uhubctl to configure / enable the USB ports? If so, I don’t think uhubctl is currently on my board, how can I add it?

I know this is an old version of TorizonCore, but I’m hoping to get basic functionality checked out on our existing platform before making any changes.

Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WB IT
V 1.0 C
TorizonCore 5.3.0-devel-202106+build.14
custom carrier board based on the Dahlia board

If the connection of the USB5744 IC on your carrier board is implemented in exactly the same way as on the Dahlia board, the hub IC does not require any additional configuration except to be enumerated by the upstream port. Please refer to the Dahlia carrier board schematic for more details.

Thanks. We had pull-ups on the I2C clock and data lines. Once those were removed, the USB ports were powered and working.