USB3 Dual-Role OTG device on non-HNP port

I am trying to connect a USB ADALM PLUTO on the USB3 port.
I receiving the following error:
usb 1-1: set a_alt_hnp_support failed: -32
new high-speed USB device number 25 using cdns-usb3
Dual-Role OTG device on non-HNP port

Any help?

All work on USB2

Ixora Carrier Board V1.3A
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB IT V1.1D

Hello Manny,

The USB 3 ports on the Apalis are only Host interfaces.
In which of the two USB A sockets did you plug it. The top or the bottom one?

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Matthias Gohlke

Tried with both ports.
I think Host should be ok, the Pluto is an SDR device we want to access, it creates a RNDIS interface one connected. Am I wrong in supposing host mode is enough?

Ok I don’t know the implementation of the SDR and if it follows the USB spec.
Does the SDR work with USB3 on other computers?
I can not recall that other USB 3 client devices had an issue.

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Yes matthias, no problem with the USB3 port of classic PC’s

Hi @manny!

Unfortunately, we have no experience with this USB ADALM PLUTO device.

If you tell us exactly what this device needs to work, we can try to point you in some direction.

On the other hand, you might get more information from Analog Devices.

Seems like they have some nice guides for your device (which seems to have support for ARM hosts):

Have you followed those guides?

Please keep in mind that since you are using TorizonCore, you should prepare a container (Docker Image) with libs and binaries required by the device.

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Hi @manny ,

Do you have any updates on this one here?

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the trick is easy here.

you will see: in windows it works
with linux: put a hub in between and it will work

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