USB Serial Gadget cable removal problem on i.MX7/i.MX6ULL


Removing USB cable while Serial USB Gadget Tx buffer is not empty makes iMX7/iMX6ULL Colibri dead. Serial console is dead, all TCP/IP communications, ping are dead. The issue is the same using kernel versions 4.9, 4.14, 5.4 down stream.
What’s interesting I had no issue using the same code and even the same kernel 4.14 on VF50/VF61. On VF everything just keeps going, though communications are in progress and USB Tx buffers thus are not empty. Rechecked it many times.

Any advice how to fix it? As I understand iMX USB driver is somehow broken. Since there’s no kernel dump I don’t know where to look.

gadget schema

Sorry for noise. Fixed. Looks like I’ve switched USB controller from otg to peripheral on VF. Porting to iMX7D I thought it is not necessary. Well, difference is serious. Hope it will help someone.


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Perfect that you solve the issue. Thanks very much for your Input.

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On Colibri IMX6 we observe similar behavior, and fix it by switching USB driver from OTG to peripheral. We use BSP 5.1. Also some clue we found here Solved: Re: USB gadget drivers hangs when the USB connecto… - NXP Community

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