USB Recovery Schematic Review and Questions


I am looking for a review of schematic for usb recovery operation on a custom carrier board. The schematic is attached.

Furthermore, I have a couple of questions. Can this usb port be exposed on the carrier board so that the module’s storage can be accessed as a usb device when connected to pc via this usb port? or is it going to be just for recovery purposes?

If it can not, what other ways are available in order to achieve this?

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PowerManagement.pdf (467.3 KB)

Yes, this USB port can be utilized to access device storage, provided the device is configured appropriately through software. To use it for recovery purposes, you must first place the module in a recovery state. For the recovery port schematic please refer to the chapter USB-C High-Speed Upstream-Facing-Only (With Type-C Connector) of the Verdin Carrier Board Design Guide.

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Hi @alex.tx

Can you please clarify what you mean by configured through software? how can one configure a recovery port to be used to access the device’s storage?

I have made provision for a recovery button appropriately as well. I just needed confirmation.

Also, I have tried to follow the design guide as closely as possible. Could you kindly confirm if my schematic is correct?

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A USB port can be configured either as a Host (which is the default mode) or as a Device. In Device mode, the Verdin module can function as a USB CDC ACM, RNDIS, Mass Storage, or some other function. This is all managed by the software running on the module. Please refer to the provided articles for more details . When the module is placed in recovery mode, the USB port is configured by software located in a special ROM, transforming it into a special device that is recognizable by the recovery tool.

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Thak you @alex.tx for the article. this was much helpful!

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