USB pendrive not detected

We are using colibri IMX6 along with USB2514B-AEZG USB hub. when other devices like mouse, keyboard connected it is detected but USB pen-drive is not detecting and showing “usb 2-1.2: rejected 1 configuration due to insufficient available bus power”. When the same pen-drive is connected through external USB hub it is detecting. Need the support in solving this

Apparently, your USB pen drive requires more power than your USB2514B-AEZG USB hub can provide. Most likely that USB2514B-AEZG USB configured as bus-powered. You need to review your schematic and enable the self-powered operation configuration in the driver or by EEPROM.

Hi Alex, thanks for replying.
The USB hub is not powering the pen drive, instead we have USB power distribution switch for powering external devices which is capable of driving 500mA of current to the load. To mention again the pen drive is working fine when it is connected through external USB hub which is not self powered.

It doesn’t matter how the device is actually powered. What matters is how the USB2514B-AEZG USB hub is configured. When any USB device is inserted, it’s initially allowed to draw up to 100mA while enumerating and negotiating its current budget with the host. If your USB2514B-AEZG USB hub is configured as bus-powered, it only allows a 100mA budget. So, if a USB pen requires more than 100mA, the negotiation will fail, regardless of the real power availability. You can see this by observing the “usb 2-1.2: rejected 1 configuration due to insufficient available bus power” message. Please make sure if you USB hub configured as a self-powered. Please refer to its datasheet for details.

Thank you alex… we solved that problem yesterday. Your suggestions was helpful.